Forårstur 2020

24-04-2020 17:00 til 26-04-2020 13:00

Aarhus N,

Mikrober, Mikroer, Minier, Juniorer, Trop, Klan i Marselisspejderne

Kom og vær med til en sjov weekend for hele gruppen.
Come and join in for a fun weekend with the rest of the unit.

This year the theme for the camp is "Greenland". 

We are going to make snowshoes, snowball fights and much more. Of course, we will also be playing in the woods, eating good Greenland inspired food, have campfires and just have fun.

  • Start: Friday 17.00 at the parking lot of Aarhus Cykelbane, at Havreballe Skovvej, 8000 Aarhus – Bring your own dinner 
  • End: Sunday 13.00 at Lisbjerghytten, Elevvej 120, 8200 Aarhus N
  • Price: DKK 225  

We would like to invite parents, siblings, and Mikrober (family scouts) to participate Saturday from 10.00. Here we wil have a couple of pleasant hours, where the families also get "a trip around Greenland". 

Pris: 225,00
Antal pladser: 120
Ledige pladser: 98

Tilmeldingen til dette arrangement lukkede 15-04-2020 23:59


Elevvej 120
    Aarhus N 8200


Fra 24-04-2020 17:00
Til 26-04-2020 13:00


Marselisspejderne - 15. Århus Gruppe